About The Club  
  A warm welcome to the new Royal Pandiyas, new style and the new ownership of Royal Pandiyas. Royal Pandiyas was formed as an exclusive Royal Enfield motorcycle rifing club in September 2010. Royal Pandiyas is an non - profitable club, whose member strongly belives in 'brotherhood' of like minded people and respects group riding. Royal Pandiyas Madurai Enfielder's Club is nothing but acquiring the customers who are having compassion over riding bullets. To make them experience the sheer joy of riding bikes in high ways and as well as in all road conditions. The main benefit out of this is building a strong relationship between the riders and to learn the safety riding and safety measures that has to be taken care when on the bike  
  The benefit of having official club membership is providing you with discounts and assistance with many of the participating friends and organizations. Being a Royal Pandiyas is not just about being a customer, it is about being part of something bigger.Royal Pandiyas one time subscription fee will be collected at time of joining the club. Life membership for future club and recreational activities will be collected seperately. Come on join !!!  
  Club Contacts  
Mr.K.G.Athilingam, President / Financial Secretary
Mr.K.G.Venkatesan, Vice President
Mr.S.Kadhar Mohideen,General Secretary / Magazine Editor
Mr.M.S.Doraithangaraj,Membership Secretary / Social Secretary
Mr.V.Vigneshmurali, Trip Secretary / Web Site Manager
  Riding Calender  
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